Volunteer Opportunities

The PTO would not be able to function without many hands taking on small parts of this organization. We hope you will contribute to the Kennedy community any passions or expertise you may have. There are three major areas of volunteerism within the PTO:

PTO Board – Attend monthly meetings and help steer and grow our small PTO.

Fundraising – Help run a fundraising program, be it an event or an on-going fundraiser.

Social Events – The PTO hold various social events in appreciation of teachers, students and community throughout the year and we need volunteers to organize and send out sign-up requests for participation.

Come to a PTO meeting to learn more or visit the PTO Board Positions, Fundraising Committee, and Social Committees pages to find out more!

Additional volunteer opportunities are available through the school office or the Kennedy Family Center (contact Liz at ecalderon@rcsdk8.net).