Spring Musical: Aladdin Jr

Aladdin, Jr. Parent Meeting Thursday, October 3rd  6-7 pm

If you are considering signing your child up for the Kennedy production of Aladdin, Jr., please come to this parent meeting to learn more about about the schedule, rehearsals, duties and responsibilities, and much more!  

WHEN: Thursday, October 3, 2019 at 6:00 PM 

WHERE: KMS Library

Anyone is welcome!  Come prepared with any questions/concerns, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Sign Up Online for the Spring Musical Now!  Or pick up a paper application at the October 3rd meeting.

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We are thrilled that you are thinking of joining the Kennedy Middle School’s production of Aladdin Jr.! This year our staff and coordinating team is as follows:

  • Julia Federico-Youngs – Director, Musical Director
  • Debbie Moore– Parent Producer
  • Other Directors to be Announced

Our Mission: The mission of the KMS play production is to nurture the development of responsible, thoughtful citizens for life in an increasingly interdependent global society by creating environments in which students are challenged to explore, to create, to make decisions and to actively participate in and be accountable for their learning.

REHEARSALS: Rehearsals start the week of October 21, 2019 with auditions happening the following week.

TECH WEEK: The week of January 27, 2020-January 30, 2020 at the MIT Theater, 400 Duane St., Redwood City.

SHOW DATES and TIMES: Friday, January 31, 2020 at 7:00pm and Saturday, February 1, 2020 at 1:00pm and 7:00pm at MIT Theater.

FEES/SCHOLARSHIPS: $75 per student. (Scholarships are provided. Please contact Debbie Moore at debbie@m00re.org for information)

Casting from Within

Our kids will audition for roles through a concept called “Casting from Within” which means all students register for the production WITHOUT auditions. Auditions will only be for cast members who want to try for featured solos.

All students will register for the production and begin rehearsals on October 21, 2019, with auditions happening the following week. For the first 6 rehearsals, students will be learning the music and choreography of large group numbers, developing  skills with the director, music director and developing ensemble skills including reading the entire script and creating characters.

Students will be given information about auditions during these rehearsals. Then “Casting Within” auditions will happen on the 2nd week of rehearsals for solos and featured roles. Only students enrolled in the cast may audition at this point. It is our hope that this relieves “audition stress” and creates a more inviting and supportive educational environment for all students. Students are not required to audition and may choose to be in the ensemble.  

To register your child:

Complete the Registration Form at the October 3rd meeting or Sign Up Online Now! 

Participation fee: $75 (the link to pay online is in the online sign up form) – scholarships are available 

Fees cover all production related costs. 

(Carpooling after rehearsals is available) 

For more information: 

 Email: Debbie Moore at: debbie@m00re.org or 

Julia Federico Youngs at: jfedericoyoungs@rcsdk8.net

Rehearsal Calendar/Scheduling Considerations:

The following Proposed Rehearsal Schedule is provided for conflict considerations. Unless indicated as an “ALL CAST” rehearsal, students will only be required when called for rehearsal – usually 2-3 times per week, not every day. Detailed rehearsal schedules will be available at the Parent Meeting and the first rehearsal. Please note that ALL CAST is required at the first 6 rehearsals, scheduled Saturdays, and tech week. 

Scheduling Considerations: 

Please look closely at the schedule for the production to determine if your child is able to make the time commitment necessary to participate. 


  • All Cast rehearsals mean everyone is expected to attend.
  • All Rehearsals will be held at Kennedy Middle School.
  • Tech week rehearsals and Performances are held at MIT Auditorium (McKinley Institute of Technology, 200 Duane Street, Redwood City.)
  • Auditions will only be for featured and solo roles – more information will be given during the Ensemble Building rehearsals and are completely optional.
  • Rehearsals will be more detailed and most students will only need to attend a few times a week until Tech Week.
  • Tech Week is the rehearsals the week before the performance. This is the time for all the technical elements – lighting, sound, sets, and costumes – to be added to rehearsals. These rehearsals will be held at MIT Theatre. It is necessary to rehearse close to the performance times so that actors can acclimate to the correct time of evening.
  • Students should consider all his/her outside commitments before joining the production.
  • Students must attend all tech week rehearsals and performances.
  • Some allowances can be made with prior notification of conflicts. Please list them carefully. If conflicts are revealed after casting considerations, the role may be reassigned.
  • Adult volunteers are needed for technical assistance – please see the possible technical workdays (sets, costumes, props). Many independent projects are available and other support is needed as well. Please see the Parent Volunteer section for needs.
  • The following schedule is a proposed schedule and DOES NOT indicate all the specific rehearsals for each group – yet. It does indicate regular rehearsal times, all cast rehearsals, some tech workdays, Tech Week and Performances. This is for your conflict considerations. A full rehearsal schedule with specifics will be given to parents at the parent meetings and students at the first rehearsal. We will have this on a google doc for you to access. Due to some days and times changing based on practice needs for different scenes, please check it regularly. 


Rehearsals will happen after the school day 4-5 days a week in the Drama and Music Rooms at KMS. Typically rehearsals will run from 3:15-5:15pm and 1:45pm-5:00pm on Thursdays. Not all students will be required to attend all rehearsals. Schedules will be posted ahead of time so each student knows when they have to be present. There may be 2-3 Saturday rehearsals as well. Carpools can be arranged to help with transportation needs. Rehearsals will begin the week of October 21, 2019 with auditions happening the following week.

Adult Volunteer Opportunities 

The following Coordinator positions will have a volunteer “team” working on specific projects and tasks. If you would like to volunteer for a team, please sign up at the Parent Meeting or online. We ask the families of each cast member for 10 volunteer hours during the production.

House Managing Coordinator (and crew): House Managing is the coordination of all activity that happens for the audience – tickets, seating, ushers, programs, lobby decor and concessions. Oversees that house committees (program, ticketing, and concessions) are within budget and collect information weekly for producer. Must be available during shows. Good organization and people skills. Position may be co-chaired. One person needs to be at the theatre during Tech Week to let parents in when rehearsals are going on. 

Ticketing Coordinator: ( 1 coordinator, 2 people on the crew needed) Coordinates ticketing for all shows including Box Office during all performances. 

Lobby Decoration Coordinator (and crew): Create a lobby display using at least cast/crew headshots, rehearsal photos and signage. Can be a bit more elaborate and creative. Will need to take headshots for the Bio Boards or assign someone to do this. 

Photographer: Take press and headshots photos as well as run of show photos.

Concessions Coordinator (and crew): Organizes concession sales (snacks, drinks, memorabilia) during performances. Organize purchases, nightly volunteers, setup and clean up. Must be available before shows and at intermission. 

Program Coordinator: Work with Director/producers to design program and printing of program for all performances.

Program Ad Sales: Obtain ads for program. Create ad insert for program.

Costume Coordinator (and crew): (1 Coordinator, 1-4 crew, depending on show size) Coordinates and organizes costumes and supervises costume team schedule for tech week and shows, assist at costume parade and locate appropriate costumes. Help purchase supplies for the costumes that need to be sewn, and distributing to cast families – if needed. Sewing experience helpful but not necessary.

Props Coordinator (and crew): (1 Coordinator, 1-2 crew members, depending on show size and needs) In charge of coordinating and care props for the production. Returning all borrowed items as necessary. Setup of prop tables for production during load-in or first tech rehearsal.

Set Crew: (1 Coordinator, 2-8 crew members, depending on show size and needs) Paints and/or builds the sets and props, working closely with the Technical Director. Construction, painting and rigging experience helpful.

Publicity Coordinator (and crew):(1 Coordinator, 2-4 crew members) Responsible for design & distribution of posters, school communications and community announcements. Organize previews with school or community groups. Send press releases to local papers, online accounts, and social media through school district. Ordering and distribution of cast/crew t-shirts.

Hospitality Coordinator (and crew): Responsible for coordinating collection and distribution of snacks during longer rehearsals and set work days for volunteers and coordinating the Cast Party on Sunday, March 18.

Concessions Coordinator (and crew): (1 Coordinator and 2-4 crew members) Organizes donations and various other items for sale during intermission. Assigns people to work the lobby during the play. 

Carpool Coordinator (and drivers): Responsible for coordinating carpools after rehearsals with volunteer drivers as needed for students.

Generalized Helpers: People willing to help out with set production, costumes, publicity,  props, etc. if one crew is overwhelmed and needs a hand.