Kennedy’s 2017-18 Direct Drive


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Fall 2017

Support the John F Kennedy Middle School Parent Teacher Organization!

WELCOME to the John F Kennedy Middle School PTO. Whether you are a parent, guardian, teacher or extended family member of a student at Kennedy Middle School, you are a member of the Kennedy PTO! The PTO Board has aligned our mission to match the needs of Principal Sabrina Adler and the teachers with the programs the school provides for our children. While the district provides our students with teachers for their enrichment electives (art, music, drama) and physical education, the PTO provides support for the materials, equipment and supplies needed for our students to create and perform. The PTO would like to continue to support all of the wonderful work our teachers, Principal, and the Kennedy Family Center do to maintain and enhance our students’ learning experience.

This year the PTO Board needs your assistance in raising $100,000. With your contribution we will continue to support the programs that are in place and we can begin creating new programs and clubs to further enrich our children’s social and creative development during these formative years in middle school. These programs and clubs will mirror what opportunities await them in high school, thus preparing them for the next level of their education.

With your help, current and new programs will be possible:
Art Program ● Instrumental Music ● Drama Program ● Physical Fitness Program
After School Clubs ● Chrome Books for Every Student ● 8th Grade Graduation Celebration
STEAM Program & Fair ● Family Center Support providing counseling services for students and families

We ask you, as a parent or guardian of a Kennedy student, to please make a contribution to our Annual Drive today. If every family makes a $250 donation (equivalent to $25 a month Aug-May), we would make our goal of $100,000 for this year! Every student is touched by your contributions to the John F Kennedy Middle School PTO.

Every student counts. Every dollar counts. Every donation counts.

Thank you for being a part of the John F Kennedy Middle School Community!



Many Ways to Donate!

  1. Click the DONATE button and donate fee-free through our PayPal Giving Fund page! 100% goes to Kennedy PTO.
  2. Drop off your check or cash donation in the PTO Mail Box in the school office. Please use the yellow donation envelopes provided next to the box.
  3. When selling on EBAY, donate a portion of your sale’s revenue to Kennedy PTO, a registered PayPal Giving Fund Charity.
  4. Mail your donation to Kennedy PTO, Attn: Treasurer, 2521 Goodwin Ave, Redwood City, CA 94061.

Please make checks payable to: Kennedy PTO

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