Project Lead The Way

Project Lead The Way is a successful and affordable project based learning program that has been building momentum throughout the country.  Our school will be experimenting next year with 3 of their 10 Middle School units: Medical Detectives, Flight in Space, and Green Architecture.  The hands-on program boosts classroom engagement and excitement, drives collaboration, and inspires “aha! moments” and deep comprehension. And as students engage in PLTW’s activities in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science, they see a range of paths and possibilities they can look forward to in high school and beyond.

What other people say about PLTW:

“My Project Lead The Way classes are different from other classes. They focus on our thought process, and they focus on us being creative. They really encourage us to express ourselves. … It’s really fun to go to class every day; I look forward to it.”  Student, Wisconsin

“… I’m always more concerned with teaching students how to think than what to think. In PLTW, we don’t supply students with clear answers – we only give them problems to solve along with the tools needed to discover creative, workable solutions. In addition, the PLTW curriculum becomes a means for students to aspire to accomplish great things in our world for the good of others….”  Teacher, Indiana

“The kids are constantly working, they’re engaged, they’re happy. They spend a lot of extra time willingly. They come in on Saturdays to do their work. They’re very proud of what they do.”  Vice Principal, California

Medical Detectives

Green Architecture